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Staff at one of Sydney’s hatted restaurants are today both insulted and disgusted by the request of one of their customers. Upon tasting his duck a l’orange, Nyngan man, Wayne Hatton (29), obnoxiously beckoned the waitress over and asked her for a side of tomato sauce – a request that would sicken anyone with taste buds.

“Oui, monsieur” politely answered waitress Romelle Francois.  

“Oi who do I have to pay to get a bit of Smokey B around here?” Said Hatton as he placed his knife and fork on opposite sides of his plate.

“Moi, monsieur”

“Oh grouse. Even some T-Sauce The duck’s a bit dry”

The Advocate understands that the meal in question is the signature dish at the French Quarter’s, Petit Miam restaurant, and holds rich sweet, sour and tangy citrus flavours that clash incredibly with the factory-made condiment.

Having worked at a number of fine dining restaurants, Romelle knew that the customer was always right – no matter how wrong they were.

“Would you prefer Heinz or Fountain sauce, monsieur?” asked Romelle, who drops in the odd French word to enhance the cultural and exclusive atmosphere of the restaurant.

“Oh Fountain for sure, make sure you shake it first – don’t want none of that liquid shit.”

The Advocate reached out to Petit Miam’s head chef and 3rd best chef in the world, Trent Fraiche, to see how he felt about his work being destroyed.

“It is a great disappointment to see my creations wasted on their palates” Fraiche quipped arrogantly.

It’s believed that Hatton has since given Petit Miam a 1 star rating on TripAdvisor, adding that the duck a l’orange is “the worst thing to happen to him this year.” More to come.


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