The under fire Federal Government has today been hit with another scandal to brush off.

NRL reporters have revealed that Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce allegedly breached health protocols over the weekend by attending the Dragons barbecue session.

NSW police have confirmed they are investigating the reinvigorated leader of the Nationals, who is believed to have fled the home of St George Illawarra Dragons forward Paul Vaughn.

The bbq at Vaughn’s Shellharbour residence has sent shockwaves through the NRL, with the gathering described as a flagrant breach of NRL and NSW health polices.

It’s believed fines, suspensions and possible competition points deductions are being discussed by the NRL for the players who thought they’d get away with a piss up in the middle of a pandemic.

The BBQ has also dragged the government into the scandal after a witness alleged Joyce was seen entering the house with a case of Tooheys New on his shoulder.

Those allegations follow Joyce being fined last week for not wearing a mask.

“We located the wallet of a certain Mr Joyce at the party, who we believe fled the residence after police arrived on the scene,” said a local police officer.

“Multiple witness have reported seeing Joyce leg it down the street with a six pack in hand.”

Joyce has yet to respond to the allegations publicly but has posted an angry rant about ‘the fascist government’ on his own personal Facebook page.

More to come.


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