The Opposition leader of NSW has been forced into an embarrassing apology yesterday after warning that “many Anglo families” were fleeing western Sydney as part of a “white flight” – in a weird and desperate attempt to become somewhat of a household name in his Sydney-centric state parliament.

One colleague of the nameless career politician described the comments as a “monumental mistake” while several of his MPs said they were “shocked”, “disappointed” and “upset” by his use of the phrase “white flight”.

In a weird twist, NSW’s Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the NSW Opposition Leader’s tirade was “dangerous and nasty” while Labor tried to interrupt, claiming her remarks were out of order.

During his weird rant, the Labor leader said that “many Anglo families” had been forced to move because their suburbs had been struggling to cope with the “huge burden” of migration, because Western Sydney is traditional anglo?

“I’m particularly concerned about suburbs around Fairfield because they’re carrying just a huge burden when it comes to the refugee intake from Syria and Iraq,” he told News Corp on Wednesday.

“I’m saying what about that middle ring of suburbs that have experienced, if anything, just a slow decline. In terms of employment, in terms of white flight…many Anglo families have moved out,” he said.

The traditionally conservative NSW Government have jumped on his comments and question time descended into chaos on Thursday as Gladys Berejiklian, the daughter of Armenian migrants, described the nameless bloke’s words as “deeply divisive, dangerous and nasty”.

In an unlucky twist, however this particular bald-headed bloke was unable to even cop a headline that mentioned his name, with majority of the state and nation still unable to name to identify him in print.

It is believed his next political play will be based around political correctness going mad, and modern feminists steering away from from equality for all.


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