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In a breaking story from the river city of Brisbane, The Advocate can officially confirm this morning that a promising young Rugby League player has decided to have an early one and curl up in his hotel room last night.

The news comes this morning as the country prepares for the fallout from the NRL’s decision to fly 300 NRL players into the same city for one weekend.

In a feel good story for the young man named Kayden Blunt, and the game in general, the boom young centre decided to just have a beer in the sheds with his teammates before heading home and staying out of trouble at the team hotel.

The young man reportedly even called his girlfriend from down south rather than trying his luck in the valley, before popping on a bit of Step Brothers and winding down after a good win.

“Ah yeah, I love a few beers as much as the next Australian male aged between 18-35, but I figured given the game’s poor run over the last few years I might just keep my head out of trouble and preserve my $350,000 a season contract,” he said to us.

“Beside I haven’t watched Step Brothers for ages. Fuck it’s good.”

It’s not yet known what the other hordes of NRL players who have already played got up to last night and the night before.


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