A rare case of people showing some form of emotion in a licensed Sydney venue has resulted in an awkward pause in conversations about the city’s property market this afternoon.

It is believed an actual fistfight that broke out over whose turn it was on poker machine has interrupted the other forty or so people who were drinking one or two $8 schooners before catching a train home to more affordable suburbs.

“It was weird” said one witness.

“Jason and I were having a bit of a chit chat about the affect of negative gearing on the Sydney housing market”

“Then all of a sudden these low breeds started yelling at each other. I didn’t see much but one of them was drinking non-craft beer so I realised they were just a couple left-overs”

The term left-over is a term of phrase in contemporary Sydney to describe a resident of working class status, who may be lucky enough to still own property within the city’s housing market. However, the term can quite often apply to financially stretched renters. The term comes from a sentiment held by the growing economic elite who do not feel Sydney is a place for people who enjoy rugby league and plastic table cloths.

“I have no idea what they were doing in here” said another patron, Brym, who moved to Sydney from Melbourne four to five months ago.

“Me and Tristain were just talking about the effect of introducing foreign money to a local housing market has on interest rates and all of a sudden we heard someone say ‘fuck youse!’ – we thought an armed robbery was taking place.

Another patron, Alison, said she had just ordered a brioche bun burger from the pub’s Mexican themed pop-up bar, when she heard people fighting each other.

“It was just intimidating to be honest” she said.

“It was funny though, Sally and I had just been talking about whether or not there were any more blue collar workers living in the terrace houses in this area”

“Turns out there’s still a few [laughter].”


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