In news from the more populous parts of our country, almost everyone has forgotten how to drive again apparently.

This comes as the Eastern Seaboard is currently being soaked like a Greek driveway, with huge rainfalls across New South Wales and Queensland.

With weather warnings for numerous regions in Queensland and NSW, motorists across the two states have once again forgotten their basic driving skills.

As is often the case when rain falls, urban areas have reported a huge spike in poor behaviour like people queuing across intersections, frantically changing lanes and driving faster than the conditions suit.

Similar poor driving behaviours have been noticed across outer metro and regional areas with poor indicating, faster than appropriate speeds and greater impatience all through the roof.

Bill Billson from the Department Of Transport and Main Roads has today issued a statement, asking people to not get driving amnesia on the day of heavy downpours like this.

“Please, it’s going to be raining most of the weekend and we would urge everyone getting behind the wheel to please just remember how to drive.”

“Queuing across an intersection might get you to where you are going a whole 30 seconds earlier, but it inconveniences everyone else and causes them in turn to do dumb shit,” he said.

“So please, just slow down and try and be sensible.”


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