13 January, 2017. 12:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

The Nine Network has gone into lockdown this afternoon after footage was leaked to an online news outlet that showcased presenter Amber Sherlock belittling and berating colleague Julie Snook over an apparent wardrobe clash.

Every employee at the North Sydney studio was called into auditorium shortly before lunch, where it’s being reported that the person who blew the whistle was outed a short time ago.

However, it’s emerged that Nine’s television director Michael Healy asked his staff to raise their hand if they’d ever been personally victimised by Amber Sherlock during the course of the investigation.

Almost everybody in the North Sydney team did, indeed, raise their hand.

“That made sniffing out the mole much more difficult,” Healy explained to The Advocate.

“Because it meant that everybody had the motive to make Amber appear to be a weathergirlzilla. However, when it emerged that Mumbrella was the first outlet to run it, we just combed through our staff who are sufficiently perverted enough to visit that clunky-as-fuck website.”

“And it worked. We got him. As for Amber, I think we need to start rebuilding from the group up. Perhaps a number of trust-based activities are in order? I don’t know, I’m just a bloke who has to go to lots of meetings.” he said.

As for the fate of the whistleblower, Mr Healy wouldn’t divulge on what he plans to do with the person.


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