6 September, 2016 10:35


Recent Newcastle University graduate and aspiring employee, Jake Gerrard (23) has left Sydney with his tail between his legs after stuffing up a job interview with a prestigious accounting firm.

The chance encounter, which was lined up by his aunty’s flash new husband, Graham who lives in Manly – has been spoiled by the fact the fact that Jakey decided to finish the interview by referring to the high-ranking finance executive as ‘brus’, before catching the train back to Newy.

Employer, Rhyles Fetbeck (39) says the kid showed a bit of promise, but says when a blonde-haired 22-year-old calls you ‘brus’ on the 20th floor of a World Square high-rise, you know that it’s probably going to be the last conversation you have with them.

“Yeah, he finished by saying ‘catch ya brus’ – which I thought was a bit out there,”

“If it was just that, I might have let it slide, but I also noticed he was also saying ‘yew’ instead of ‘yes’,”

“and not only that he would bung on a shaka each time he said ‘yew’ instead of ‘yes’ – he really was just so fuckin’ Newy,”

With the possibility of some new work opening up in the steelworks back home, the accounting graduate says he’d be stoked to work with his schoolmates for a little while but will ‘probs slip back in to Sydney’ for job interview here and there.

“I’m not too fazed aye.” he says.

“Surf’s shit”



  1. Taken back with the ‘that’s so fucken newcastle’ what a tosser the guys that interviewed him.
    Hope you find a tight anal number cruncher for that role because the Newy guy will go onto bigger and better things


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