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Previously only seen at beaches and in licensed venues in the Central and Northern regions of Queensland, the South Rocky Safety Boot has seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent months.

Data analysts for Rocko’s Footwear have now revealed that the beginning of this Renaissance can be placed in direct coincidence with the release of Busby Marous latest chart topper “Postcards From The Shell House”.

“If you put our sales chart and their sales chart side by side, they’d pretty much match perfectly I reckon hey” said Rocko’s finance manager Neville Bonano.

The talented pair of CQ singer-songwriters, in particular the much lauded guitarist Jeremy ‘3 hands’ Marou, have been long time champions of the ultra-casual footwear, shunning dress-codes and horrifying OH&S officers nationwide.

However, the recent growth in popularity has been causing headaches for publicans from Lefty’s in Brisbane right down to the hipper establishments on Melbourne’s Smith St, as punters queue up for cocktails in their favourite new slappers.

“It’s a nightmare” said one Melbourne hospitality lifer, who asked to remain anonymous because he likes to maintain an air of mystery.

When approached to reveal the reasons behind his choice to exclusively rock pluggers, Marou’s response was simple. “always have. shoes are dumb”.

We turned to the groups’ singer, and all round top bloke, Thomas Busby, to provide some insight into their lifestyle choice.

“Mate I used to hang shit on Jez about it all the time” he smiled.

“It wasn’t until I lost a Chuck Taylor in a tour prank that I had to bust down to Kmart and grab the double dragons. And mate after the first show I turned to Jez and said “Mate you’ve got your finger on the pulse!”.

“Absolute bloody game changer mate. Never looked back”


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