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The mysterious monolith which has been popping up in random places all over the world has unexpectedly appeared in Penrith overnight, albeit briefly. 

The 3m stainless steel monolith appeared in the carpark of Penrith Krispy Kreme around 1:30am this morning, but had disappeared without a trace by 2:15am 

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know nuffin” explained professional loiterer Keith “Keef” Jackson, 19.

“I didn’t even see the monolist thing. And I didn’t push the monolist over and slide the stupid heavy prick into my AU wagon because it would be too long.”

Unfortunately security camera footage of the sudden arrival and sudden departure of the monolith has proved inconclusive as the security cameras themselves were also stolen earlier that evening.

Keith also claims to know nothing about the missing cameras, but has offered to replace them with identical cameras in exchange for 3 longnecks of Woodstock if required.  

Penrith Panthers have already announced plans to commemorate the occasion with a bank of 12 new Monolith-themed poker machines. 


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