Local environmentalist, Sharni Little, says 2017 is going to be a big year for him.

Not only is he dedicating his whole life to making sure farmers in towns that has never visited don’t mistreat the animals that they are trying to sell, but he can now do it without having to endure any form of confrontation with them at all.

“The new drone means I can keep an eye on these environmental vandals”

“My independent studies have found that these people beat up livestock for fun because they are uneducated and sadistic”

“One of these rednecks I’ve been keeping an eye on just outside of Rockhampton has cut down over four trees this year”

“They are so complacent, it’s like, I don’t give a fuck if you are on 400,000 acres. Four trees are four too many”

When asked why he was smoking his marijuana without any tobacco spin, Sharni replied that the back end of his fortnightly jobseeker allowance usually means he has to go without luxuries that farmers are used to.

“It’s the sacrifices you have to make. It’s hard having to come out all this way to keep an eye on the great unwashed.”

“If these people took education seriously, I probably wouldn’t have to drive all the way from West End and monitor their practices”


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