25 August, 2016. 13:02

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SOME PEOPLE CALL THEM bin chickens, others call them the great white pigeon – but former cricketer turned television presenter Mike Whitney might be calling them lunch, after declaring he’d chow down on an ibis for a hundred clams.

As the host of Australia’s finest, but shortest lived reality television programme, Who Dares Wins, the 57-year-old made the difficult transition from full-time sportsman to television host seem simple – inspiring generations of other cricketers to do so.

However, as the Test cricketer rocked back in his seat last night at his local watering hole in South Sydney, he threw down the gauntlet to the other punters and dribblers at the table with him.

“Mate, I’d eat a fucking ibis for a $100. Fucking oath I would,” challenged Whitney.

“I’m sick of you blokes taking the Who Dares Wins piss. Go out in the lane and stone me a fucking ibis off a wheelie bin. Take it into the kitchen and cook the bastard up. I’ll even eat the fucking thing’s little beady eyes,”

“Then when I’m done, I’ll write a song about it. I’ll bloody scream and bash my tambourine about me eating an ibis until I woke Gough Whitlam up.” he said.

The Advocate reached out the patrons of the hotel as well as management but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.



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