The pressing personal issues that saw Former NSW Premier Mike Baird abruptly resign from politics appear to be completely resolved – after one month working for the National Australia Bank as chief customer officer of the lender’s corporate and institutional banking unit.

Mr Baird, who quit as NSW premier and retired from politics in January to spend more time with his family, seems to have spent enough time focusing on his personal life – as the bright lights of the corporate banking sector draw him back to work.

“It’s just great” he said to The Betoota Advocate this morning.

“In the banking sector I’ve got even more clout on state Government policy as I did in the role of Premier”

“Plus I don’t need to make a fool of myself on social media to justify my weird religious stuff”


Baird, who has been criticised heavily for his Government’s strict implementation of Hillsong Sharia – says he is finding it hard to entertain clients in the shell of a city that once hosted a nightlife.

“At least now I know I can attend events at Martin Place and Star Casino without having to worry about being coward punched”

“I think the city is in a much better place. Young people can’t die on these streets if there’s no young people around”

It is believed, that aside from his family matters, the public’s soured opinion of Mike Baird was the real catalyst for his resignation, after spending roughly 18 months closing down nightlife venues and evicting thousands of public housing residents to clear up room in Sydney city’s hysterical housing bubble.

That, and the fact that he wanted to make millions of more dollars in the banking sector, like he had been promised countless times during his stint in state politics.


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