Mamamia founder Mia Freedman has “unequivocally apologised” to members of the non-white community, after an attempt to start a hashtag movement for married women to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement failed,

In a post on Tuesday headlined “Straight, white women want racial equality too” – Freedman shared a photo of herself pointing towards her white skin and encouraged other white women to do the same, along with the hashtag #WhiteChicks4BlackLives.

Mia Freedman has been accused of gloating her privilege and undermining the cause of Black Lives Matter by implying that her white skin is going to be a game-changer for the movement.

The backlash on social media occured almost instantly, with critics of her attempted viral hashtage labelling it “tone-deaf” and “gloating about her ability to not get harrassed by police”.

Freedman has since removed the photo and the hashtag, but says she honestly has no other way of expressing how sympathetic she is towards people who aren’t like her.

“Not being a victim of police brutality is a human rights issue & is supported by the vast vast majority of white, married people,” Freedman tweeted on Wednesday morning.


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