Andrew Morris (27) was enjoying a $9 pot of grapefruit IPA at a Fitzroy establishment when he struck up a conversation with Betoota local Janet Walls (26), in town to watch the Wallabies play.

The conversation took a turn, however, when it transpired she didn’t know Andrew’s one friend from the state, a man from Indooroopilly who hasn’t lived in Queensland since 2012.

Upon learning that Ms Walls was from the Sunshine State, Mr Morris quickly thought to establish common ground by insisting that she must know his friend, Nick Hughes, who was also from Queensland, a state 1.8 million square kilometres in size located somewhere to the north of Melbourne.

When he was told the name ‘didn’t ring a bell’, he was absolutely stunned.

He immediately gave further details about his friend to clearly identify him, such as the fact that he had brownish hair about this long, and that he used to go out a lot somewhere in the Valley.

Upon discovering that this didn’t jog Ms Walls’ memory, Mr Morris made a final desperate appeal, waving his hands around and exclaiming, “Brisbane Boys Grammar? Graduated around ’07? I think?”

Witnesses have confirmed that there must have been something wrong with her to have been so perplexed. One eye-witness suggested she might just have been trying to politely rebuff Mr Morris, as it seemed strange she hadn’t heard of the man they knew as ‘Hughesy’.

Mr Hughes was approached for comment, and noted that he had “no idea” who Ms Walls was. The investigation is ongoing.


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