A former private school rugby hero, turned Martin Place finance worker via an $150k degree at Bond University says he has no sympathy for people who aren’t willing to help themselves.

“These people expect everything to come to them on a platter” says Marcus Whitely-Smythington (24).

“I’ve never had it easy, and I never expected to have it easy. How did these people become my problem?” he asks.

“I shouldn’t have to look at them each morning, purely because I had the work ethic to land myself a job twenty floors above them, working for my uncle”

Marcus says the claims that society is only as strong as it’s weakest link are rubbish – and has no time for people who claim to be poorly educated or at risk.

“There are options for people who don’t finish school with the grades they want. I went to Bond Uni”

“We spend too much time making excuses for people who didn’t have three school counsellors guiding them through their after school options in grade 12”

Marcus’ comments come as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says that her government is finally preparing to break its stalemate with Lord Mayor Clover Moore over the Martin Place tent city, by bringing in their own special agencies to evict the gross vagrants.

Clover Moore and the City of Sydney have stubbornly refused to move on the homeless until the Premier can promise that they won’t just end up doing the same thing in a part of the city.

However, Marcus says he has no sympathy for people who depend so heavily on public housing, and says he sides with his beloved Gladys.

“These people got too used to living in CBD locations off my tax dollars. They should have had a plan B”

“It’s not my fault that they were so vulnerable that they ended up homeless when they got kicked out of Sirius”

“Just wait until they empty out the housos in Redfern. This place will look like the night markets”


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