26 July, 2016. 10:56

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TAKING A DRAG OF a Longbeach Menthol then spitting between his filthy Globes, Jaydyn Harper said that he’s “not even a fucking racist” because you can’t be racist towards a religion.

The 23-year-old disability pension recipient took time out from throwing rocks at buses to speak to The Advocate this morning.

“Mate, just fucken listen to me [spits],” he said.

“Islam is not a race, so you can’t be racist towards them. How dumb are you cunt?”

“It’s a fucken religion, do you understand me? Religions aren’t a race, they’re just books and churches and shit. You can be a white dog and a Muslim, so you can’t be racist against a white person if he’s a fucken Muslim,”

Explaining that you can only a racist towards another race, the Logan resident launched into a tirade that he prefaced by saying he’s got lots of immigrant mates.

Despite never being accused of being intolerant towards people of other races, Jaydyn feels an almost unquenchable desire to defend himself.

“I just get so angry,” said the former private school pupil.

“That’s why I love throwing rocks at buses. I feel powerful. I see the news reports of yet another rock attack in the Brisbane to Gold Coast corridor. Ricky Ponting can’t throw better than me. Girls want to root me because I famous now,”

“I’m not racist but.”






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