21 April, 2017. 12:23

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A prominent country gentleman has faced a barrage of criticism this morning for telling the unemployed members of the wider Australian community to ‘get off their arse’ and ‘have a go’.

The Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was branded ‘insensitive’ and ‘out of touch’ this morning by a number of inner-city advocate groups who fight for the rights of unemployed and other economic handbrakes on the nation.

In addition to asking the youth to contribute to the greater good of the country, Joyce recommended joining community groups, the army reserve and other general duties that require one’s sleeves rolled up.

“It’s not hard,” said the deputy prime minister.

“If you’re living on welfare and studying Arts or something to that effect, you’re a part of the problem. You need to enrich the lives of others through the virtue of service. Better yourself by living to the core values of the nation and serve others. It’s simple.”

However, a number of left-leaning welfare recipients from the big smoke have called for Mr Joyce to resign over the comments, saying that he doesn’t know their story.

“I think it’s extremely upsetting and insensitive to those who can’t work,” said one welfare advocate, through her septum piercing.

“I don’t pay tax to pay these people’s salaries, only for them to turn around and tell me what to do. I mean, what does Barnaby fucking Joyce know about me? About my situation? God, he sounds like my fucking dad, who I like actually hate. He needs to resign and fuck off back to where he came from.”

The Advocate reached out to the Deputy Prime Minister’s office for comment, who replied with a short statement explaining that Joyce will not be resigning over the comments.

More to come.



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