24 November, 2016. 11:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

THOUGH HE INVITED most of his Senate colleagues to the mid-afternoon function, Malcolm Roberts went ahead with his scheduled book burning in the Woolworths Dickson carpark despite only two others turning up.

With a number of small boxes of pro-climate change and global warming literature, the senator quickly made short work of the pile of books with a cup of petrol and lighter.

“This should send a message to NASA,” he said, breathing in the smoke. “This is what I think of their bias and false figures on the climate. Humans aren’t causing climate change, as this proves it.”

Roberts pointed at the small fire as the fire brigade rolled in past the McDonalds, saying that if everybody on Earth burned a pile of books simultaneously just like he was doing at that very moment, nothing would happen.

“But NASA and those other bastards will have you believe that the world would end if we all did. The fact is that humans make up such a small part of this planet’s ecosystem. We’re insignificant.”

While Senator Roberts was speaking to the firemen and officers from the Australia Federal Police, we seized our opportunity to leave.

More to come.




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