Local woman Mia Thompson has had a bit of a shock today, after discovering that her friend Emma might not be as cool as she once thought.

This damning realisation is said to have occurred while Mia was scrolling through her Instagram feed one night, when she stumbled upon a comment her friend had left on a celebrity’s photo.

The comment, which Mia says involved a series of heartfelt compliments followed by an assortment of emojis, was so cringe-inducing she’s now rethinking the entire relationship.

“I don’t get it”, says Mia, “Does she really think Harry is going to see it and respond? “I just want to know the whole thought process behind it all.”

Adding that she’s positive her friend can’t have known that the comment would be visible to friends who followed the same account, Mia wonders if Emma has personally DMed the musician with thirsty declarations of love.

“There’s so much that needs to be answered.” “Who else’s Instagram is she commenting on? Does it get worse?” “I’m embarrassed for her.” More to come.


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