21 November, 2016. 14:23

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DESPITE KNOWING HER FOR a number of years, even sharing the same friendship circle at one point, Kali MacDougall hates Jenna Dormant more than anyone or anything.

She loathes her stupid face and her dumb laugh. Every disingenuine compliment and smile.

In fact, the main reason Kali is currently following Jenna on Instagram is because she wanted to get a follow up… She’s not yet sure when she’ll unfollow but it’s going to happen at some point.

But airing her grievances with the fellow 23-year-old would tear the fragile fabric of their social circle. So like two adults trapped in a loveless marriage, they both tolerate each other for the greater good of those around them.

So whenever Dormant posts yet another spring-time selfie of her beside on a beach, contorted in a swimsuit that otherwise would look pretty ordinary if shot from a normal angle, Kali leaves a subtle sarcastic fuck you by leaving something like “❤️ Babe” underneath it.

“She knows that I think she looks like a frumpy two-faced bitch in that one-piece, but’s it’s better for everybody if I just say ‘omg ❤️ babe’ and move on with my life,” she said.

“But that slut knows how I feel about her. The best things in life that can be said are often better left unsaid.”

The Advocate also reached out to Jenna for comment, but have yet to receive a reply.

That’s a typical response from her, according to MacDougall, who said that you can only get a response from her if you’re prepared to talk about her and only her.

“Honestly, that doesn’t surprise me. She’s the kind of person you run into randomly and they only want to talk about themselves. I know that people love talking about themselves, but she takes it to a whole new level.” she explained.

More to come.


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