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Lilly Westcott’s boredom at work has reached all new highs during her news scroll session this afternoon as she actually went to the effort of opening one of the articles – rather than just reading the headline like she usually does.

It’s believed that Westcott was attempting to read an article on an unnamed competitor’s site who has put up a paywall, prompting her to go to even more effort, opening an incognito window and opening the article link there.

After speaking with Ms. Westcott, the contents of the article still remains unclear – what is clear though is that she’s not a fan of paywalls.

“It’s already hard enough getting me to open an article, putting up a pay wall is just another step, so annoying!”

“So, you can imagine how bored I must have been to go through a whole two more steps than usual.”

While a lot of sub-par news and media outlets do suffer from readers not opening articles, The Advocate remains one of the industry outliers and will continue to carry the integrity of the Australian market. 

More to come.


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