An impromptu picnic in the park session has today seen a potential match engage in a strangely endearing courting ritual, it’s reported.

Witnesses say that the woman, Claire, was seen shooting glances at a similarly interested young gentleman for most of the afternoon but appeared to have trouble getting him away from his mates.

Keeping an eye out with the aid of her female friends, who each took turns watching the portable cooler for signs of activity, Claire was finally able to spring into action when her crush got up to take a leak.

It’s alleged that Claire had started drunkenly flirting with the young man in an attempt to gauge his interest before going in for the kill with her failproof closing tactic – comparing hand sizes.

Psychologist Dr. Sarah Thompson explains the phenomenon to The Advocate.

“Comparing hand sizes not only gives the woman an excuse to touch the man, but it’s also considered a pretty safe play.”

“Depending on the man’s reaction, the female can either accelerate the situation further or rein it in.”

“Ideally you’d want the hands to clasp together. But a simple comment along the lines of ‘aw they’re so small” is enough of an indication too.”

The pair were later seen swinging hand in hand as they left the picnic, proving that the tactic worked quite nicely for Claire.

More to come.


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