South Betoota Polytechnic’s Vice-Chancellor has today had a slightly uncomfortable moment.

Stemming from sheer red-blooded arousal, the moment came after Jonathan Taylor saw photos of international students landing in Darwin this morning.

The arrival of the 63 international students, the first since everything locked down, comes as Charles Darwin University brokered an agreement to begin getting the tertiary education sector back on its feet.

The international students, who serve as cash cows for our nation’s universities, reportedly headed straight to the quarantine facility just out of Darwin and are set to do the mandatory two weeks before heading to the university.

While the symbolic moment has been received well by anyone connected with the sector overly skewed towards making a profit rather than providing the best standard of education they can, for our Vice-Chancellor here in town – it triggered a full-on, climax.

“Yeah, I’m not proud of it, but, it’s such a special moment,” explained a free-balling Taylor this afternoon.

“We have spent the best part of the last couple of decades doing everything we can maximise the profit of this institution, and the halt on international students completely killed our business model,” he revealed.

“So, to see them flying back in had me overwhelmed,” explained the man whose 600,000 dollar salary is in threat.

“So when I saw the pictures, I couldn’t control myself,” said the sheepish and embarrassed businessman.

“Lucky no one walked in,” he laughed.

“But I’ve dumped my undies in the bin and cleaned myself up a bit, so time to get on with the day.”


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