Sundays or ‘gremlin days’ are an opportunity for local woman Emily Gordon to spend hours in bed, indulging in her favourite lazy activities – today’s being curling up with a slightly naughty novel and drinking her weight in tea.

These days are designed to give her a much-needed reprieve from her stressful week at work and have come to be a time she looks forward to most. Along with developing a Pinterest board purely for linen and visiting West Elm a little too often, Emily has officially completed the mid-twenties rite of passage of swapping bed hopping for bed shopping.

Which has been better for both her liver and her inability to process a shame hangover.

However, today’s attempts to sit back and relax are being thwarted by her ever indecisive pet tabby Neo, whose pitiful meows to be let inside are making it hard for her to fantasize about mafia kingpin Jethro drawing the sassy female protagonist into a steamy kiss. A pivotal moment that’s taken roughly two hours and 17 chapters to get to.

Huffing as she dramatically casts aside her smut, Emily stalks over to her bedroom door and swings it wide open to grumpily usher Neo in. But in a classic cat move, Neo’s urgent quest to get inside is no longer a concern of his now that he’s been catered to.

“Do you want to come inside or not??”

“Come on then!”

Glancing up at his owner with a look of casual indifference, Neo lets out a tiny mew before promptly turning around and finding something else to do.

More to come.


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