A local only child of two high school teachers has today ramped up her hyper-mature vocabulary in front of other adults.

In a precocious display of adultness, Emily Kelly has so far used words like ‘perhaps’ and ‘evidently’ – as well as throwing around a few et ceteras.

Even though she’s only in grade 11, Emily has already figured out her ‘coffee order’ – which she makes a point of ordering at obscure social occasions while with her family.

While having her own social circle of people her own age, the fact that Emily has been forced to engage in adult conversations since she was ten-years-old means that she can name every single state premier in Australia, the Federal cabinet and most of the federal cabinet.

When asked if she thinks she sounds like a bit of grown-up compared to her peers, Emily says it’s all about perspective – particularly  when it comes to these isolated examples of vernacular variation between peers.

“I mean, a lot of my friends don’t know what ASAP means, and the ones that do definitely don’t don’t just say ASAP like its one word”

“I guess that’s a bit more adult, but of course, once again, it’s not like I’ve completed qualitative studies into the way I talk compared to other people my age. Most of them who don’t even use Twitter”




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