12 January, 2017. 12:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

Kicking off his sandshoes the moment he walked through the door, Marcus Coffey made a beeline for the couch his mother bought him at Logan IKEA just last week.

The local off-site construction logistics manager is absolutely rooted.

Not because he’s dealing with the unions all day. Not because Bowral fucked up and delivered the concrete to the wrong site. Not because his car is at the mechanics and he’s been forced to order his Mountain Dew from the Woolworths online store.

It’s because he’s was forced to be politically correct all day.

Queensland was rocked late last year and Sir Joh turned in his grave at the news that a man, who was born a woman, has fallen pregnant in Wacol – the spiritual home of Brisbane’s gay community.

When the news was brought up during a recent Friday’s session, Marcus rocked back on the bench and sucked a breath through his teeth.

“I said it was a beautiful thing, you know. How we as a nation have grown to accept that. But in reality, even if it’s his own decision, I’m the one who has to watch what I say on the comments section of the Courier Mail”

“Why should I have to change the way I talk to people I don’t know on the internet”

More to come.



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