2 July, 2016. 13:34

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

IT’S THE SAME VICIOUS CYCLE every three years, except this time, he gets the opportunity to vote below the line.

Because real change comes from voting below the line on the senate ballot paper.

That’s the opinion of one local inner eastern Betoota man, who got up early to beat the crowds at one of seven polling stations open in town.

“Those immortal words printed on the side of the booth: ‘Your vote is a valuable thing’. What a load of shit,” he said.

“I just want things to change for the better but they won’t. Not unless you vote below the line, then shit can get spicy.”

More to come.


  1. Australia could try and see if the Indigenous people will take Queensland back, but they’re probably choosey about the company they keep.


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