A local girl has had her sentence handed down for her social media misdemeanours today.

Justice McAlister-Whitbourn handed down his verdict to 23-year-old Sally Carlson from the French Quarter after deliberating for nearly an hour.

The Judge sitting in the Betoota District Court heard that Carson was notified via the Facebook app last weak that her friend (Angela Greenslopes) had tagged her in a meme stating that if she didn’t respond within 5 minutes she would be liable to kiss Steve Buscemi.

The judge found that Carlson had seen the meme, understood the contents and nature of the meme and had sufficient time to respond to her friend in order to absolve herself of kissing liability.

Interestingly Judge McAlister-Whitbourn found that young Carlson would have to bear the costs of the necessary flights and accommodation in order to kiss the well known actor who has starred in films like Reservoir Dogs and Armageddon.

Her honour Mcalister-Whitbourn also noted in his sentencing remarks that the precedent has now been set that that liability does arise for a lack of response to a meme given the necessary time and understanding requirements are met.

Carlson refused to talk to our reporters this afternoon and quickly left in a car waiting for her at the entrance to the law courts.

Lawyers in Queensland are now looking on with interest in the case of a man who is pleading not guilty to liability arising from a meme he was tagged in alleging her should be responsible for a friends night out on the tables, TAB and drink.


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