It has been confirmed today that a local drive-through has included an extra window for no other reason than to fuck with you.

Jack McSanders, a prominent and respected drive-through architect, has come forward to reveal that many fast food restaurants now demand the unnecessary window designed into their plans from the beginning.

“It’s a growing trend that has come along with the addition of multiple lanes and multiple speakers and microphones in each of those lanes” he revealed. No matter what they put at the beginning, the line always ends with one kid at one window in one lane, so anything before that is just for shits and giggles”.

The bogus window is commonly used as storage for extra or broken kitchen items, though it’s main purpose is purely to have customers question its existence. “it’s kind of like the appendix of fast food chains”. said McSanders

Research has found that yelling at the mystery window will not make a staff member appear, nor will there ever be signage to provide any clear indication of what to do whilst idling foolishly in front of it.

As of this publication, no offending fast food chains have returned our calls.


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