24 August, 2016. 11:20


Dubbo cop, Darren Goodyear (42), has for many years fought tooth and nail to express himself through body art – in an attempt to defend the tattoos he already on his forearms.

After years of complaints and submissions from fellow inked up policemen and women, state police commissioner, Andrew Scipione has ruled that tattoos are acceptable on NSW police officers, providing they are not on their necks or face.

While Darren says this ruling is somewhat of a victory, it really throws a spanner in the works for the spiderweb tattoo that he was planning to put across his throat.

“It’s a shame,” he says.

“Whatever happened to freedom of expression? I guess that the tear drop tattoo I had planned is out the window as well”

However, while Mr Goodyear has been prevented from going ahead with his face and neck tattoos, he says he is ‘absolutely stoked’ that he doesn’t have to cover up his Ned Kelly piece.

“I’m very glad that they have allowed me to continue serving with my Such Is Life tattoo”

This well-known ‘Such Is Life’ tattoo is very popular in Australia as a celebration of the life of homicidal Irish bank robber Ned Kelly.

The tattoos usually depict the bushrangers distinctive body armour or a quote from Kelly’s alleged final words before he was hanged in 1880. “Such is life.”

Troubled former AFL player, criminal and recovering ice user, Ben Cousins has the quote across his midriff.

“I’ve always seen a bit of meself in Ned.” says Darren.

“He never gave up. Such is Life.”


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