In what comes as a truly heartwarming story from our little desert outpost, Sam Hart has finally managed to get the old father in law onside. 

After a turbulent couple of years between the semi-retired architect and the relatively young engineer who looks well and truly locked into a relationship with his daughter, the old fella has caved this week. 

Despite holding out for a couple of years from showing any form of affection to the man who will likely father his grandchildren, Graham Lewis was forced to take a dramatic u-turn when he realised there was footy to be had. 

With a distant niece’s wedding pumping, Hart smartly decided to utilise one of his many decadent streaming subscriptions to force the titanic shift by flicking up a live stream of the AFL Grand Final for the misso’s old man to enjoy with him as they sit alone on a table next to the dance floor.

“Is that the Lions there?” asked the old fella who previously described his son in law as a ‘fucking wet blanket who was not even close to good enough for his Rachel.’

Realising he might’ve cracked the code here, Hart confirmed that it was in fact the Lions, and it was in fact on his phone, and the old man could watch this entire match if he wasn’t interested in this wedding they’ve both been dragged to, no dramas.

With the ice well and truly broken, Hart lets out a smirk after becoming fully aware that he had managed to present himself as a man, for once.

“Technology these days aye. Incredible,” Graham said before entering back into character. 

“Ah fuck me why’d he go and do that Jesus fucking Christ, useless.”

However, their newfound bond did not last long before being immediately undermined by the ladies.

“Geez, can we get away from the footy for just one night fellas,” remarked Graham’s wife walking past the pair with a mixed look of bemusement and relief that they had finally come together. 

Speaking to The Advocate in the corner of the venue, the son-in-law said he can’t begin to describe how relieved he is to have won the battle. 

“I reckon I’ve probably won the war too I’d say, and I think he knows that too,” said Hart. 

“And if he goes and gets any second thoughts about trying to revert back to his hyper masculine ways, well I’ll just cast this replay onto his TV tomorrow and blow his mind.” 

“It’s over. I won. Thanks for coming Graham.” 


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