26 November, 2016. 13:02

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IN-FORM AUSTRALIAN BATSMAN Usman Khawaja has broken his silence on his record knock yesterday, saying he was seeing the ball like they were on an OLED television.

Having a bit of a dig at David Warner, who took some time out of his hectic pre-season schedule to endorse the LG product, the 29-year-old said he was seeing them come out of the hand better than he’d ever done.

“Yeah mate, very rich blacks and deep colours I was seeing yesterday,” he said.

“Personally, I don’t have an OLED television to watch cartoons on, but if I did, you’d sure as shit know about it now.”

As Mr Warner so casually explains in the advertisement, which plays up to 90 times a day in metro areas, the OLED television is the Rolls Royce of the flat screen world, boasting blacks that are blacker than the day Bradman died and colours so rich, they’d roll Kerry Parker for it in a game of craps.

The picture is said to be crystal clear, much like other televisions, but the real selling point, as Warner explains, is how cartoons look on it.

“SpongeBob actually looks like a real sponge,” said Warner. “It’s pretty fucked how they can do that now, aye?”

“Back in my day, we’d just drink Fanta and watch Tom & Jerry until it was time for cricket practice. No OLEDs for me, that’s for sure. Good for Usman but.”

More to come.



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