In a sensational day for Rugby League in Queensland, Maroons coach Kevie Walters has announced that he is contemplating retirement.

The successor of the great 8-straight coach that was Mal Meninga, sat down with our reporters in an exclusive interview today, telling them that he is thinking about calling it a day.

“Yeah, look. Cronk and Thursto last year, Smith today. Billy can’t walk through security screening at the airport without setting it off,” he sighed.

“Look I am thankful that Mal gave me 2016 and 17, but geez it’s going to be a bit of a hard slog this year.”

Walters explained some of the selection headaches he now faces.

“You know Sam (Thaiday) called me before. He told me he can play hooker and would be a good utility player? These next few months are going to be tough, I think I could be done with the Maroons,” Walters said.

“If only Jimmy the Jet was actually from Brisbane…”

“I think I might give Kerrod a whirl at the top job. See how he goes”

Walters then sighed heavily again and told us he had to make a phone call to that bloke from the QRL with the huge moustache.


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