Josh Thomas and Bob Katter have forged a powerful political alliance through diversity.
Josh Thomas and Bob Katter have forged a powerful political alliance through diversity.
Josh Thomas and Bob Katter have forged a powerful political alliance through diversity.


27 October, 2014. 11:57

Clancy Overell | Editor-at-Large | [email protected]

CHARTERS TOWERS’ Catholic church in Far-North Queensland has played host to a surprise press conference this morning where an Australian comedy icon and a conservative Federal politician have announced an alliance.

Federal MP Bob Katter and ‘Please Like Me’ star Josh Thomas have today announced that through adversity and compromise, the two of them are working together to fight for a cause close to both their hearts – Gun Rights.

Josh Thomas opened with a traditional welcome to country alongside local Indigenous figures, this was followed by Katter’s announcements.

“Josh and I have butted heads a bit over the years, I’ve learnt a lot from him and he’s learnt a lot from me,”

“He is my first true gay friend and he has opened my mind to a different world in both his community and mine,”

Katter who has in the past drawn criticism for his politically incorrect and dismissive comments regarding gay marriage, appeared to have turned a new leaf through his friendship with Thomas.

The two have announced their intentions to host a summit for all gun enthusiasts on November 15. Their first step towards a new age for gun rights in Australia.

“We are hosting a summit up here at the same time as the G20… It’s time to address this nonsense,

“The Gun laws in our country drip with the venom of oppression and segregation,”

Katter went on to question how former Prime Minister John Howard’s ‘Gun Buy-Back’ scheme in the mid-90’s was a knee-jerk reaction to the ‘one off spree killing in Port Arthur’.

“Guns don’t kill people, long-haired Tasmanians kill people, Josh is a young kid and he can vouch that most of them just want to arm themselves for either self-defence or roo-shooting.”

Josh Thomas was born in the Outback town Blackwater in central Queensland and has been a vocal supporter of gun rights since his first hunting trip with local roo-shooters as an early teen.

“The wowsers are running the country,” Thomas told members of the media and sporting shooting enthusiasts in the audience in front of the Church steps.

“I want to live again in a country where men can grow up to be men,” he said.

“I am just a simple person. When I was young we would sling a shanghai and air rifle (and we would go bush),”

The former ‘Talkin Bout Your Generation’ star has stated that his alliance with Katter is one that can create change in many different aspects of Australian life

“He’s willing to now back gay marriage, I’m willing to back a repeal on gun laws. In fact, I have always been opposed to Howard’s gestapo approach to oppressing firearm owners,”

The two will remain in North Queensland to begin a tour in the lead up to their ‘GUNNIT’ (Gun Summit) in mid-November. Josh Thomas has stated his fame as a mainstream comedian has attracted many other celebrities to the cause.

“Micallef, Russel Crowe, Wally Lewis, Magda Szubanski… these are just some of them,”

“To all those sooks who think they are saving the world by violating my God-given freedoms… We are coming for you.”


  1. I like the fact they are going to hold it so far away that “professional protesters” wont be able to have a latte enema in the morning and make the afternoon summit.

    Reality is that guns are just one tool. They just happen to at times far less than other tools be used to support a crime. So are cars, balaclava’s and kitchen knives, yet there are no restrictions whatsoever on these other tools.

    Congratulations to Josh who likes wont get a job with Kerry Strokes or Rupert Murdoch over his stance but just good on him for thinking that even a little oppression is the slippery slope to tyranny.

  2. I’m impressed. I thought Thomas would have had the complete opposite attitude towards legitimate firearms owners. I applaud him for keeping a rational head on regarding a sport/hobby/pastime that requires respect, responsibility and when associated with hunting; compassion. Law Abiding firearms owners are among the more responsible people in the general public and get a little sick & tired of constantly being labelled ‘reckless rednecks’ by either people who don’t know any better or politicians trying to further their political careers by preaching to the former. Thank you Josh

  3. Well there’s a breath of fresh air! Law Abiding Firearms Owners are among the most responsible citizens we have. It is tiresome being labelled a redneck by people who don’t understand. Well done Josh and Bob! You have my support.

  4. Calling Josh an ‘Australian comedy icon’ is a bit of a stretch isn’t it. An ‘English annoying twit’ maybe…


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