In some great news for the people of Queensland and Australia, Brisbane’s bid for the 2032 Olympic Games looks more promising by the day.

Sources close to the discussion within the International Olympic Committee say it’s not a done deal, but is very close to being one.

As it stands, there are no other serious bids for the 35th Olympiad, with firm hopes that the city’s bid will be rubber-stamped as early as July this year.

And that’s understandably got people of The River City very excited.

One stakeholder who is near fever pitch about the news is popular Country Rock Saloon, Johnny Ringo’s, who have offered to run an inaugural Bull Riding event for the games.

The owners of the acre-chaser bar with the infamous mechanical bull have progressed in negotiations with the Australian Olympic Committee, to have bull riding certified as an official demonstration sport, if the Olympic bid gets the go ahead.

“Obviously it will be a pretty tight crowd in here, and might look a little bit different to a regular Friday or Saturday night, but we’ll try and get official Ringers Western uniform on the door for overseas travellers to get kitted up for the event,” said an insider.

“So fingers crossed we can get it up and running.”

It’s believed the rowing events will also have a distinctly different feel in Brisbane, with the events to feature changes of direction around The Brown Snake for the first time in the event’s history.

The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has yet to officially comment on the bid, but has revealed that she is hoping to be able to keep the borders open for the 2 weeks the games will run for.

More to come.


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