10 March, 2016. 13:04

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AMERICAN ACTOR JOHNNY DEPP announced today that he plans to back Tony Windsor’s return to politics and his journey to defeat Barnaby Joyce in this year’s federal election.

Speaking from his California home, the 52-year-old said he wishes Windsor the best of luck and he’s behind him all the way to Canberra.

“You can’t threaten to kill a man’s dogs and expect him to stay quiet,” said Depp.

“But this isn’t about that. I don’t live in the past, but I’m genuinely concerned about the future of New England. I want the NBN to be connected to every school and hospital in New England by 2020,”

“Gonski was going to be the greatest improvement to the Australian education system since the No Hat No Play campaign,”

“I’m just sick and tired of hearing news that the people of New England are constantly being let down by the same guy that wanted to kill my dogs, but this is nothing to do with that.” said Depp.

In May last year, Depp brought his two dogs into Australia illegally, circumventing our stringent quarantine laws. Pistol and Boots became the centre of a controversy that circled the globe, thanks to Mr Joyce threatening to destroy the dogs if they weren’t immediately deported.

This endorsement of Tony Windsor is a first for Depp, who’s been famously apolitical his whole career.

Speaking to reporters this morning, Windsor said the Hollywood support came as a surprise.

“At first, I thought the news of how much the Nationals have let down the people of New England had made it all the way to Beverly Hills,” said the former grazier.

“Then I remembered that he wanted to tap his dogs on the head and it all made sense.”

Johnny Depp’s management team refused to rule out rumors that the actor was planning on campaigning for the parliamentary hopeful, saying on that Depp hears that Tamworth is beautiful in autumn.



  1. Good to see Johnny Depp is as astute about Barnaby Joyce as he is about Australia’s quarantine laws. Pity he doesn’t pay tax here…

  2. Boo & Pistol will be so pleased !

    Barnaby was so much more entertaining in opposition , look forward to his next stint there as Deputy Dawg ( pun intended )

  3. I would like to see all the councils of New England get together and grant honorary dog registration with free micro-chipping to Pistol and Boo after the election. They are owed at least this after the humiliation and terror they suffered. I would like nothing more to see them playing in the parks and streets of Armidale, Tamworth, Glen Innes, etc. and perhaps even to pat them.

    Imagine the boost to tourism in the electorate. This area will need some sort of income generation now that coal and fracking aren’t looking so hot.

    I know they did the wrong thing last time but hey, they are only dogs. At least they didn’t come by boat. This time they could serve their quarantine period living and playing in big plastic bubbles. I imagine that would be fun.

  4. Thanks JD for supporting TW for sure but admit you did the wrong thing bringing risking your pets welfare by bringing them into the country illegally. I’m sure the US would have a ruling on this also.
    Oh by the way JD I am a huge fan of yourself and TW.
    Go Tony Windsor.
    Boo Barnaby boo.

  5. No doubt about Tony Windsor, he has influential friends In very high places With Hollywood Big Guns like Depp in his corner, he is a shoe-in to win the Federal seat of New England. Apparently Obama, is about to announce his endorsement for Mr Windsor, but most would agree that Depp’s support carries far more weight.

  6. Back off Depp, you wouldn’t know much about it and did not respect the laws of this country. I would have thought that you would be man enough to respect someone who applied the law as he was meant to, but I suppose that you only like people who would suck upto you.

  7. I really think Tony should enlist Johnny’s support, get him to fly over the campaign ( without dogs this time). This could really tip the balance in Tony’s favour.

  8. Depp or his wife broke the quarantine laws, so they were treated as all lawbreakers were. Does Mr Depp realise Mr Windsor sold his farm to a mining company. To be honest, Mr Depp has nothing to do with Oz, so who cares what his opinions is, albeit a wrong one!!

  9. yes BJ went into the senate, On the promise, He would not allow Telstra to be sold off under no
    circumstances, Most should remember, His Liberal masters, Put so much pressure, On him to
    change, His stance, Which he did, In doing so, He betrayed the country people as well as all,
    Of Australians in general, As all Australians who have phones are aware, We now have a
    very poor phone service.

  10. JD was so far out of line to risk those dogs’ lives…. selfish person. In older days they would not have been spared. so, to me Good on you BJ for making the quarantine laws stick.
    As for Tony Whinger… are you related to her Majesty ??
    By the way, I had a girlfriend once that was a pirate … she had a sunken chest !!


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