Local South Betoota Italian Restaurant, La Porchetta Ristorante, somehow thinks it is worth reminding people that Brendan Fraser once ate a meal there.

The photo, which shows the star of The Mummy, posing with the La Porchetta heiresses Sal and Angela, takes pride of place in the centre of their family business’ salon hang of other celebrities, but mostly Russell Crowe.

Brendan Fraser is joined by the likes of Nicole Hilton (2003), John Candy (1991), Rove Mcmanus (2015) and last but not least, Pauline Hanson, during her brief status of reality-TV celebrity – prior to returning to federal politics.

However, it’s quite clear that Russell has eaten here a few times because he features on the wall about 9 times, in varying phases of his life, almost identifiable by what movie he was doing at the time.

Not only has this particular restaurant hosted droves of VIPs, but they have also actually been used in a movie.

La Porchetta was featured in a diner scene during Underbelly 3, or maybe 4 – a couple years back.

“Lincoln Lewis was eating here every night” says the owner, Marco.

“We told him to bring his old man down sometime and we’ll put a pizza on the table for free”

With a summer music festival due to take place in town over the next few weeks, the staff at La Porchetta is already bracing for the possibility of meeting Akon.

“He apparently likes boscaiola” says Marco.

“We do the best one in town – he’ll probably come here”



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