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Two weeks ago, a local Instagram influencer couple adopted an adorable second-hand dog.

The couple shared the adoption on their respective platforms, much to the delight of their followers.

However, The Advocate can now exclusively reveal that the couple have since phoned the RSPCA demanding to return the dog after it failed to garner the social attention they thought it would.

“It’s a fucking dud!” cried Giselle to the RSPCA worker on the other end of the phone, who couldn’t really believe what she was hearing.

“It hasn’t even got 200 followers yet, what the hell is this?”

“I thought you said people love rescue dogs!”

“Clearly, they don’t!”

It’s believed that the volunteer at the RSPCA then tried to explain to Giselle that it was meant to be the owners who loved the dogs, not followers.

“It’s more in relation to the bond shared between owner and best friend,” the volunteer said.

“The public don’t share the same love for the animal that you do, you see all its quirks as reasons to love it, maybe give the public more time to fall in love with the dog like you have.”

But it seemed that Giselle was not convinced.

“I’m not in love with it, how could I love something with less than 1000 followers?”

“You really should have warned us before you conned my boyfriend and I into this flop.”

It’s believed Giselle and her boyfriend have since uploaded an emotional post saying how the pair had to give up their beloved dog because their building manager wouldn’t allow pet


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