Here comes trouble!

Hollywood executives have decided to dish up some mismatched antics that will get the whole family laughing before anyone has said one line of dialogue.

Although some have called for his resignation, producer Herman Marigold has been heralded as a genius after casting Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart in the same movie despite the fact those two couldn’t be less alike.

At 1.96 metres tall and 118kgs, former wrestler Dwayne Johnson would be forgiven for finding his co-star Kevin Hart (1.63 metres) in one of his jacket pockets, likely cursing about how ridiculous the whole situation is. 

But for producers like Marigold the only ridiculous thing about putting these incongruous superstars in the same movie is the sheer amount of money he will make.

“There’s a 33 cms difference between Hart and Johnson and that foot is where the laughs happen,” stated Marigold from his superyacht that has been forced to cease human trafficking duties due to COVID-19.

“Just imagine those two on a poster together! The size difference will be funny for starters!”

At the time of writing, Marigold was not able to share any solid details on the plot for the upcoming Johnson/Hart film as there is currently no script, concept or attached director.

“I have a scene in mind where Kevin is screaming about something while The Rock is saving the day and, get this, after The Rock saves the day Kevin Hart takes credit for it anyway!

“Hahaha, all he did the whole time was stand in danger screaming while his mate did all the work! And then he’s going to be like ‘good thing I was there!’ What an unlikely pair!”


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