22 April, 2015. 13:20

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TALES OF HORROR are emerging from the Carnival Spirit after the cruise ship was finally able to dock this morning in Sydney Harbour.

The clean up has begun aboard the 292-metre vessel and already stories of the onboard conditions have shocking people around the country.

Cleaning crews ender the Carnival Spirit this morning to deal with "vomit". PHOTO: 9NewsNow
Cleaning crews enter the Carnival Spirit this morning to deal with “vomit”. PHOTO: 9NewsNow

The Maltese-registered ocean-liner, carrying 2500 passengers and 1500 crew members, was forced to stay outside Sydney Heads overnight in rough conditions. Waves reached 15 metres at the peak of the storm, and passengers on board were feeling “very queasy”.

During a morning press conference at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney, a company official said cleaning the boat from stern to bow was the first priority for Carnival.

“Obviously the Spirit was in need of a good clean,” he said.

“The conditions were quite rough out there,”

“But nothing got out of hand. A few passengers did get seasickness,” he said.

However, some passengers on board have revealed the real conditions passengers had to endure during the storm.

Newcastle mother of nine Clare Bowen said she’d never see anything like what she saw on board the Carnival Spirit – even after having that many children.

“I can deal with vomit,” she said.

“I can deal with all types of human shit and piss – any mother could,”

“But it was everywhere. There was piss, shit and vomit everywhere,”

“The floor of the bar was awash with Bacardi and bits of food,” she said.

Mrs Bowen’s account of on board conditions were echoed by sous chef Derek Clock, who said the demand for chicken broth outstretched supply.

Sadly, Mr Clock says that even the traditional  stomach-settling broth didn’t do much to help the situation.

“The waves got very big overnight and the shit was pitching and rolling very erratically,” he said.

“A few diners made it down to the restaurant but most weren’t able to keep their meals down,”

Many passengers experience unexplained bouts of vomiting after visiting the ship's bar. PHOTO: Hell.
Many passengers experience unexplained bouts of vomiting after visiting the ship’s bar. PHOTO: Hell.

“One couple, I think, vomited on each other in a show of solidarity,”

“A gentleman became so incapacitated by the motion sickness and nausea that he wasn’t even able to sit in a chair. He asked our wait staff to put the bowl on the floor while he writhed around on the carpet and vomited on himself.”

“It looked like he was overdosing on ketamine.”

Carnival Cruise Line’s Vice President Australia Jennifer Vandekreeke thanked the cruise line’s guests for their patience over the past day.

“While this delay was unavoidable given the Harbour’s closure, we greatly appreciate the good cheer and understanding our guests have shown,” Ms Vandekreeke said.

Carnival Spirit continued to sail off the coast near Sydney on Tuesday and overnight as weather conditions eased.

Carnival Spirit is returning from a 12-night cruise to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji.

Guests travelling on the ship’s next cruise – a seven-night voyage to Noumea and Isle of Pines – will embark later on Wednesday for the ship’s departure at 7pm



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