23 April, 2015. 12:46

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AFTER LYING ABOUT having terminal brain cancer, mummy blogger Belle Gibson is set to be burned at the stake for her crimes against society.

Belle Gibson has admitted she lied about having terminal brain cancer in a new interview.      PHOTO: Brent Parker Jones/News Corp Australia

Witch-hunting and ducking is permitted in the state of Victoria for serious crimes against humanity and treason.

The disgraced wellness writer admitted she deceived her followers, friends and family about having cancer and curing her illness with healthy eating and natural therapies.

The Attorney-General of Victoria is set to sign off on the punishment, which is often fatal, later this afternoon.

“For her crimes against the people of Victoria, I hereby declare that she shall be burned at the stake beside the Yarra on May 1st in this year 2015 of our Lord,”

Ms Gibson’s terrible crimes have relegated other serious news stories to the inner pages of newspapers around the country, with The Daily Telegraph publishing photographs Stephanie Scott’s funeral on page 11 of today’s edition.

This is the first time in Australian journalistic history a lying, thick-necked charity thief has pushed sadistic murders out of the public limelight, which has disturbed media analysts.

UNSW Media Studies Coordinator Kevin Berry says that he’s glad he got out of journalism when he did.

“Getting out of journalism was the best thing I’ve done,” said Berry.

“I can afford to own a car now and I’m saving up to have a baby next year,”

“This whole Belle Gibson thing almost reduced me to tears,”

“I used to love journalism.” he said.

The deep-seeded loathing of Belle Gibson is showing no signs of dying out any time soon.



More to come.



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