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Dressed in a silky black maxi dress with thigh-high slit and carrying a light grey tote bag, Hollywood star Margot Robbie looked every bit one of the world’s most bankable new actresses, turning plenty of heads at Brisbane International Airport on Sunday arvo, before jumping into her uncle’s commodore and making the two hour journey for a Darling Downs homecoming

Upon arriving in her hometown, The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad starlet showed she still had some of the small-time Neighbours actress about her, eschewing the usual trappings of a large entourage and changing into a royal blue and red supporters jersey, before hurling extremely homophobic slurs at the opposing team.

Robbie’s cousin, Mark Webb (18) is the star fullback for the undefeated Dalby Necktatts Opens side, who won a hard fought 23-20 over rival Warwick City Methlabs in the Central Queensland Western Rugby League (CQWRL) semi-finals.

Mark, who is also cousins with another famous Dalby export, former Queensland Origin star Carl Webb, was red carded in the 70th minute for what one witness described as “the most disgusting head high tackle I have seen since the seventies”.

The referees instant reporting and red card of Webb was met with jeers and booing from the crowd, namely the visiting Hollywood superstar Ms Robbie.

“He fell into it, fuck ya!” shouted the 27-year-old.

“Are your eyes fuckin’ paintin on or what ref!?”

“You look good in pink then ya fuckin’ punce. This isn’t fuckin’ netball!”

Ms Robbie’s sledging was shortly drowned out by an all-in sideline punch up between the Tongan side of her family and the local cotton contractors, who had been attempting to take photos of her.

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate at the bar of the Australian Hotel in Dalby’s main street, the Hollywood sensation says it “was fucking good” to be back home with the cousins.

“I’m loving it. I haven’t had a bundy draught since I was doing indie films in Toowoomba about a decade ago,”

“It’s fuckin’ good”.



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