Happily single local bloke, Jason O’Sullivan (28) has spent the last year and a half being invited to random dinner parties, where he usually ends up sitting opposite a coincidentally single girl.

He says while he appreciates the effort put in by his mates’ girlfriends, he is well aware that it’s mostly about finding their friends a boyfriend, as opposed to looking after him.

“It’s tough, mate” he says to our reporters.

“There’s been a lot of nice girls sent my way, but I’m not looking for anything like that. It’s essentially my mates who are in relationships saying ‘be like us’ – I appreciate it, but I’m not keen”

“I can’t count the amount of times one of my mates has said ‘you’ll love this girl. She is your type’ – They are more often then not my type”

“Last weekend I was at one of these boring dinners and drank 13 beers in a hope to liven the mood. I got a root but she told me the next day that it was a one-off”

Lauren, one of the many girls that Jason has been set up with over the last eighteen months, says she kind of feels the same way as him, but she does like the idea of having a side-piece that she can take to these kinds of things.

“When girls get to a certain age, all they do socially is things with their boyfriends”

“Boys our age can still go on weekend long benders and sit in the pub all day, my girlfriends aren’t doing that stuff. ”

“Hence why they constantly try to set me up, just so they don’t feel bad about inviting me to these boring Vietnamese restaurants’

“Jason was a good shag but he’s a no-hoper”


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