One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says she has mixed feelings about coral bleaching, after taking her senators to a healthy part of the Great Barrier Reef in an effort to disprove claims the icon is dying.

“What is so wrong with being white?” she asked.

“I will not be made to feel guilty for being white, or having white kids, or having white coral”

Ms Hanson was presented was “indisputable’ evidence that the reef is not dying, after throwing on a wetsuit and snorkel gear for her swim off Great Keppel Island on Friday, over 1000 kilometres away when she took aim at green groups for telling “untruths” about the reef’s health.

“What we have here is a small minority of whingeing healthy coral dictating how the rest of us should act”

“The coloured coral communities should focus on assimilating with the white communities as well”

Australia is relying on its Reef 2050 Plan to convince the UN agency to keep the Great Barrier Reef off its list of World Heritage sites in danger.

Former Senator Malcolm Roberts said Australia should not be reporting on the reef to any of the United Nation’s agencies, as they have a history of presenting “fabricated” information, a bit like his birth certificate.



  1. What is the truth and who is telling it as our Great Barrier Reef has hit the headlines once again and to add to the clamour of it all is the journo’s delight Pauline Hanson the only politician that has taken the steps to go and have a gander first hand and all the radicals are having a ball,But who is telling the truth about the reef and on what standard of proof are they making their claims as can anyone out their that may take the time to read this script produce faultless proof of the life range of the reef,as I am lead to believe that all living things on this earth is born unto death.Therefore what is the life span of coral,and is this die off of some parts of the reef a natural cause,or is caused by climate change as the greens are stating be interesting to really know the life range of coral

  2. Bob, it is very disappointing that you should call anyone who is concerned about the coral reef a ‘radical’. What an insult to common sense and common people, and what insult to scientists. I know whom I trust more. The reef has been in danger for a long time and i don’t know how many reports and tests you require to acknowledge reality. This goes for Mr Roberts, too, who no matter what, refuses to understand even the basics (which he says are simple). Hanson is scientist either and now even makes a distinction between white and coloured ‘coral communities’. I mean, what on earth is this? Are you living so isolated that you don’t meet many people? Where do you get these ridiculous ideas from that it is only a ‘radical minority’ that wants to protect this wonderful area. And why shouldn’t we protect it anyway, climate change or not. We know that heavy shipping traffic is damaging. We know that pollution is damaging. Dredging is damaging. etc etc. I think it is absolutely irresponsible what One Nation is doing and they are wasting valuable time in parliament and even get paid for. This is absolute madness.

  3. Hi Bob, if you research a little about climate change, you will see this is a very real thing. Pauline Hanson is racist, uneducated and holds no evidence with the majority of her statements. Senator Roberts only had 77 votes, but has a seat in parliament, wasting hard earned tax payers money, when Australia should be moving fast towards clean energy as the rest of the world is. I can only think that One Nation is recieving some hefty endorsements to continue the charade of climate change denial from the fossil fuel industry.


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