A close friend who has just felt the wrath of his entire social circle through a barrage of humorous abuse, is not fooling anyone with his light-hearted shrug off.

The incessant and targeted banter, which is now verging on hate speech, has been going for roughly twenty minutes now – as his mates take the chance to point out how much of a shit bloke he is on a group chat thread.

The victim, Jack, 26, says everyone has to play the punching bag at least once in their life – but he does worry that there is a greater issue at hand. He thinks that maybe of few of these fellas actually do not like him.

“Hey Jack” says one abusive mate named Batch.

“I’m gonna start calling you whispers. Because you never fucking shout”

The entire group chat is immediate littered with LOLs and laughing-cry emojis as the twelves or so 20-somethings in his group chat begin thinking of similar one-liners.

“I’m gonna call you Mt Isa, because you’ve been in a drought for two years” said Koby.

“Omg” says Todd.

“Oi Jack you are like Rain Main except you suck at gambling and don’t really have any notable skills”

The group’s most notorious roaster, Alex, steps up.

“Lay off fellas” says Alex, a suspiciously compassionate response that makes Jack all the more nervous.

“Suzanne didn’t know you shouldn’t smoke during pregnancies”

The entire group chat is once again littered with KEKs and LOLs, as the messenger app indicates that Jack has begun typing.

After several minutes of drafting, he responds.




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