15 December, 2016. 11:23

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In an adventure that could’ve been penned by the Immortal Bard himself, three latchkey 20-somethings threw caution to the wind earlier this week and set off on a quest to find A Midsummer Night’s Bag.

After first meeting at their local gastropub in the hot afternoon often enjoyed in December, the trio guzzled down the craft-beer-love-potion-exlir that flows so freely this time of year.

“Should we?” said Brett. “Should we try to get our hands on A Midsummer Night’s Bag?”

The others paused and stared blankly down at the clouds forming in their ales.

“I’ll have a line, but I don’t have any money,” replied Mark, who’s so poor at the moment that he eats the disgusting end pieces on a loaf of white bread. “I’ll have a cheeky bump from your bag, Brett. You owe me $17 for the cab here anyway.”

That only left Gilbert, who was the most frugal of the bunch. By being so frugal, his vast reserves of money were to be the cornerstone of the whole endeavour.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It’s only Tuesday and Tuesday bags are a sign of a growing narcotics problem, in my opinion. But it’s a gorgeous evening – and there’s a cool breeze slicing through the sticky hot air still hanging around from today.”

“To hell with it, let us enjoy A Midsummer Night’s Bag!”

And with that, the three began the quest. Texting, calling and Wickr-ing their respective dealers – quick to get their hand in the cookie jar before it was slammed shut for the evening.

“No dice,” said Mark. “My guy doesn’t deliver all the way out here.”

“Don’t worry, let me call this bloke. He’s been here before” explained Brett.

But alas, it wasn’t until the clock struck midnight did the triplet finally succeed in their quest, they’d found their Midsummer Night’s Bag.

“My God! It’s very speedy, I feel like my heart is going to explode.” said Gilbert, who usually sources his midnight snacks through he friends in the gay community.

“I agree, but it’s better than nothing.” replied Mark. “But isn’t this fun?”

More to come.


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