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I hope you’re listening America.

During a carbon-neutral cheese & wine evening in the pristine
lamplit Cobblestone Alley of Betoota’s French Quarter a group of
independent thinkers really broke new ground in a discussion about
the American healthcare system.

“It’s not very good is it?” asked Nathan, hoping no one noticed his
horrendous dipping effort which left two fingers caked in

“I saw Sicko, then did my own research and yeah, it’s not a good

It is believed the research Nathan conducted was a John Oliver
segment which is free to view online.

“A lot of people in the comments are actually from America and they
don’t think paying house prices for life saving medicines is that
crash hot either.”

As unfathomably deep as Nathan’s profound observations may be, the
discussion greased to an absolute halt when Belinda reminded
everyone she lived in New York for a year and is therefore an
expert on the nuanced spiderweb of American healthcare.

“It depends on where you work or something like that, it’s really
not a good system,” stated Belinda who is known for becoming so
engrossed in American culture that she still refers to ‘cafes’ as
‘coffee shops.’

“I’d much prefer the free healthcare system we have here where you
don’t have to pay for anything except for dental, surgery, therapy,
chemo, day-procedures, ambulances, physio, or anything life

Witnesses state this assertion was followed by five silent minutes
of nodding while everyone plotted the precise wording of their
future smug tweets.



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