10 October, 2016. 12:34

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A GLEN INNES GREYHOUND OWNER’S world is in tatters this morning after news broke that NSW Premier Michael Baird was planning to backflip on his decision to outlaw greyhound racing – just days after the owner dug a series of mass graves.

As Allen Gregory was set to become the owner of nearly 60 “useless dogs,” he hired a small excavator to dig a small network of shallow, large graves where he was going to place his animals after first putting them down.

“I even renewed by firearms license,” explained the 64-year-old. “My brother was going to lend me his little .22 and he was going to help me grease the lot of them over the Christmas break. What am I going to do now?”

Mr Gregory shot to local fame in 2011 for setting three caravans alight on three separate occasions. He told authorities that he fell asleep smoking in bed each time.

His original plan of gassing the dogs in his crew cab Hilux was quickly shot down by wife Hilda, who said she didn’t want the smell of the LPG gas to ruin the upholstery.

However, she’s said to be livid with what her husband has done to the backyard.

“Yeah, the wife has it in for me now. There’s four three-foot-deep trenches through the back of her yard. Tell you what, but. This fucking Baird has put me on one hell of a rollercoaster. I hope that wok-eyed Jesus freak pulls his finger out soon.” he said.

Mr Gregory failed to reveal to The Advocate what he plans to do with his new mass graves, but following local traditions, it will be left as is and teenagers will probably go there to smoke drugs.

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