Despite not being an avid supporter of either team, Dad has today decided that tonight’s NRL grand final is too big of an event to be wasted on the living room.

With a couple guests over and the barbecue roaring, dad’s decided to take the TV out on to the deck, with no real complaints from anyone else – except mum, who wants him to turn it down during the ads.

In accordance with the annual ritual of taking the TV outside for a football match, it appears to take Dad about fifteen minutes longer than it should to hook up the aerial. Eventually inviting some one of the nerdy teenage neighbours to have a crack.

With the afternoon sun actually proving to be quite a visual obstruction, Dad insists the sun will go down soon, and the neighbours have got a projector or something like if worse comes to worse – which sounds like something that would result in yet another equally difficult set up.

With a just over an hour to go until kick-off, Dad is now spitting out obscure facts about 22-year-old NRL players that he only just heard about on the radio a couple days ago.


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